Stress Effect on Physical Health

What are long term effects of stress on your physical health? We can categorize it based on which areas of your body it affects. The below diagram shows how stress affects human body. Lets start with your head and brain: you may experience depression, headaches, anxiety and increased stroke risk. You are more likely to catch a cold or a flu, or even the new coronavirus covid. Stress also increases your blood pressure, thus increasing risk of a heart attack. You may experience weight gain or loss, muscle pain, and sexual problems. Lowering stress in your life can help reduce the risk of the above conditions and symptoms.

Skin Types Explained

Knowing your skin types helps you establish the right skin caring routine. There are generally 5 types: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive and a combination of the above. Depending on what type you are, you will have blemishes, cracking skin, dry, or shiny look. Sometimes instead of trying to fix the symptom, try to fix the root cause of of the problem, which may be dependent your skin type. When choosing the right care product, first identify your type, and then purchase it.

Panic Attack vs Heart Attack

Sometimes a panic attack can be mistaken for a heart attack. The opposite is more dangerous as it can lead on acting too late when a real heart attack strikes. The below diagram explains the various symptoms. Panic attack symptoms include sharp stabbing pain in chest, sudden onset due to stress, symptoms that resolve in 20-30 minutes. On the other hand heart attack has the following: squeezing pain and pressure in chest, sudden onset due to physical exertion, pain that radiates to arm, jaw, shoulder; another symptom is pain that gets worse not better as time passes. Shortness of breath, sweating are other symptoms of the heart attack.

Morning Yoga Exercises

The below diagram shows various yoga exercises for a typical morning. Morning yoga routine includes mountain pose, fierce pose, forward bend, wide squat pose, child pose, cat and cow poses. This routine will help you feel good and start your morning processes, and give you energy for the rest of the day. Hold each pose for 30 seconds, then move to another exercise.

Keto Diet Food Pyramid

Ketogenic diet explained below via a diagram. Keto diets are proven to help one lose weight, starve cancer cells and reverse type 2 diabetes. The diet promotes eating lots of fruit, nuts, vegetables fish and meat, and avoid carbs such as rice, sugar, milk and bread. The below keto diet pyramid diagram shows examples of what one should eat and what not to eat with this diet.

How to Wear a Mask

How to properly wear a mask? A standard non-medical fabric mask protects one from viruses including covid. Before wearing a mask, wash your hands. Inspect mask for any damage or if dirty. Adjust the mask on your face without leaving any gaps. Cover your mouth, nose and chin. Avoid touching the mask. Dispose of the mask carefully and wash or sanitize your hands.